Playing WWE 2K16 (Part Two)

I haven’t completely finished Stone Cold’s story mode, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. This mode has made me a fan of Austin again, thanks to 2K including Austin’s hilarious and bold promos in his prime. It’s good to see that 2K put Austin’s iconic black leather vest back on the game as it was absent from last year’s installment. 2K did a fantastic job of going in-depth into Austin’s career as they featured matches and facts that I didn’t remember, such as Austin being former tag team champions with Shawn Michaels. 2K even lets players use Austin when he was in ECW and he had long blonde locks. It’s crazy seeing Austin with hair. This mode is intriguing and great for Austin fans or for people who need an introduction to the career of the Texas Rattlesnake. I wish they had included the supermarket brawl between Austin and Booker T. That would’ve been hard to make, but it would’ve been fun to push Booker around in a buggy, while beating him up.

2K does a great job of having two different story modes, where you can be your own created superstar and be a real wrestling superstar. I hope this tradition continues. I wonder who will be the next superstar to get their own story mode. I think that Triple H would be a nice choice. He has a legendary career and he is one of the greatest heels of all-time. Plus, since he’s still very much involved in the WWE, why not have him narrate the pivotal moments of his career. 2K could implement cut scenes from past moments and then have Triple H talk about it before the player starts the match. Maybe 2K will do it.

The game is good, but there’s room for improvement. I think 2K is taking steps in the right direction for making this game a powerhouse in the sports genre. Although some parts of the game are clunky, it still has so much depth to entice gamers to keep playing and stay entertained. It makes me wish that I could play the older games that I grew up with as well again. Now that’s the bottom line…because I said so.


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