Is It Really November?

Out of all of the years of my life, this one has gone by the quickest. My dad would always tell me about how my late granddad told him that the older that we get, the faster that time would go by. After seeing this year rapidly progress as it has, I’m starting to believe what my late grandfather said was true. Not only am I realizing that, but I’m also realizing that graduation is more than one month away. Now I realize that the past five years has went by quickly too.

I have to figure out what is the next step in my life. I like the idea of coming back for my masters degree or another English degree the most. I would like to teach at the college level because I don’t know if I could handle kids all day. I have always liked English and if I were to teach, it would probably be a course that focused on creative writing. I like writing short stories (fiction or nonfiction) and I think it would be interesting to work with students on their craft.

College is great and I have enjoyed it more than high school. That’s why I could always see myself coming back to study, though the financial costs of attending college halts me in my tracks. It’s not cheap, but I don’t want it to keep me from doing what I want to do. My dream goal is to write comics and I still don’t know if I am ever going to achieve that goal. The idea of a web comic is starting to sound more appealing every day as it looks to be very difficult to break into the mainstream comics’ business. Then, who knows? Maybe a successful web comic could lead to a gig with a big publisher.

I wouldn’t mind having a degree in another field besides English. To have a degree in Film would be great. Although directing and producing aren’t the idea careers that I would like, I think that screenwriting would be fun. I took a course on screenwriting and I loved every minute of it. It also made me realize that simple is the best way to go and sometimes I can be too descriptive in my works. Writing a feature film may be appealing to some, but I think it would be better to work on smaller projects. A web series would be great to do and it sounds like this format is a whole lot cheaper to create works in.

Life is a road that will always remain a mystery. No one will know what’s going to happen to them or what paths that they will take. All that I can do is hope that mine turns out good. Maybe I will turn out to be like The Dude and go bowling with my buds. Find that perfect rug that really ties my room together.


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