The Mustached Tyrant (Part Four)

“Satan? Do I look like Satan to you?” said Mustache.

“Well…you’re bald…you could probably pass for his junk,” said Pasty.


“I said that you could pass as Satan’s penis,” said Pasty.

“In the office! Now!”

“That was a compliment,” said Pasty.

Mr. Mustache and Pasty make their way to the back–passing various aisles with workers and customers who have shocked faces. Workers and customers look at each other, then bust out laughing. Mustache does not appreciate the laughs and his head becomes a pink color. A customer points and laughs at Mustache.

“He’s right. You do look like a pecker!”

Mustache walks fast towards the back due to his embarrassment. Pasty laughs at the customer’s joke and follows Mustache slowly. Freckles watches the pair timidly as they go behind closed doors. They make it to the office and Mustache slams the door behind Pasty.

“Sit down!”

Pasty takes a seat and folds his arms in front of his chest.

“Do you think that you’re funny?”

“Yeah…sometimes,” said Pasty.

“Well, I don’t appreciate when I am embarrassed,” said Mustache.

“I imagine all of the people that you fired in front of customers feel the same way.”

Mustache laughs and rubs his mustache proudly.

“I enjoyed firing all of those people,” said Mustache. “Seeing their pathetic faces as I took away their means of living–it was totally worth it.”

“What in the hell is wrong with you, man?”

Pasty points at Mustache with a serious gaze.

“What made you like this?”

Mustache stops petting his mustache and looks at Pasty.

“That’s none of your damn business!”

Pasty leans forward in his chair. Mustache notices that Pasty is trying to help him.

“Come on, man. Just let it out. What happened?”

“It’s none of your business. Maybe I like making people’s lives miserable,” said Mustache.

Mustache grabs a file that is filled with paper. He takes a seat and he opens it up.

“Now I could fire you if I wanted, but I’m going to give you the opportunity to stay if you want,” said Mustache.

“Why? Because I showed you sympathy? Fuck you. I’m done with this place,” said Pasty.

Pasty gets up and walks out of the office. Mustache smiles at his work and places the file down on a table. Pasty makes it to the main sales floor and employees watch as he walks by. Mustache follows, laughing menacingly behind him. Pasty is at the front where the cashiers are when Mustache reaches for his shoulder. Pasty looks at Freckles, when he feels Mustache’s hand on his shoulder. Pasty turns, rears back, and floors Mustache with a right hand.

“Damn, girl, you boyfriend has one hell of a right,” said Linda.


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