Writing Flash Fiction

I’ve been trying my hand at this as of late. I’m used to writing stories, but I wanted to attempt to do it in a smaller way. I wrote one not too long ago for a site and I’m waiting to see if it’ll get published. Even if it doesn’t get published, I’m still proud of it. It was fun as well.

I’ve been working on flash fiction in an attempt to get my name out there to different sources. I know of a few great places to submit short-story work, such as Vestal Review, 100-Word Story, Crazyhorse, etc. I’ve only submitted to 100-Word Story, which is an intriguing challenge. Writers can write a story or an essay, but it has to be exactly 100 words. I love the format and I thought that I crafted a good story for it.

I would like to write a short story for Vestal Review. I have read from different sites that Vestal Review enjoys humorous stories and I like writing humor. I consider my humor to be dark and absurd, as it takes something crazy to make me laugh. I like for my settings and my plots just to be simple. Maybe it’s just a couple of dudes fishing, reminiscing over memories of high school. Or it’s a group of friends arguing over their favorite sports teams. It’s amazing where ideas can come from inside your brain. Although I try to use simple concepts, I try to subvert them and make it a little weird. I don’t want it to be normal all of the time. Hopefully, I’ll hear something back.


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