Lazy Day Review: PAC-12 (Week 3)

It was another great week of action in the PAC-12. The conference had some notable games this week, even the first conference game of the season between Stanford and USC. I made some key notes of what happened this past weekend.

-Stanford vs. USC: These two tough powers started conference play. Stanford had already lost a tough game to a ranked opponent in Northwestern earlier this season, but they righted the ship against the Trojans. The game was an offensive matchup as Stanford imposed their will upon the Trojans’ defense in the Coliseum. USC, who had been predicted to make it to the playoffs, looked sloppy on defense and it could be a long season for them against offensive opponents such as Arizona. Stanford still has a good shot at winning the north if they can maintain this momentum for the rest of the season.

-UCLA Squeaks by BYU: BYU had upset two teams this season in back-to-back weeks by a Hail Mary. BYU tried it again this week against the Bruins, but were denied by Miles Jack on 4th and 7. UCLA’s freshman quarterback, Josh Rosen, didn’t look great as he had a few interceptions in the game. If BYU had won this game, they may have been a legitimate threat to make it to the playoffs. UCLA kept their chances alive, though they did not have a good effort on defense.

-Cal Is The Only Undefeated Team in the North…Barely: No one was probably predicting that Cal would be the only undefeated team in the north division by the end of week 3. Cal was the favorite in their game against Texas and they made it past the Longhorns on a missed extra point kick, which is rare. Cal’s offense was firing on all cylinders as usual, but that defense is beginning to look like it did last year with allowing 44 points by Texas. It once again looks as if Cal will have to rely on that Bear Raid offense to get it done. Otherwise, a great win for the program though.

-11 Teams Took Home Victories: All teams, except USC, went home with a win. That was more wins than the weekend before. Another interesting fact: all teams have a winning record. Some programs are 2-1 and some programs are 3-0. Records will be very different next week as conference play goes into full swing this weekend.

-Notable Games: #21 Stanford vs. Oregon State. Cal vs. Washington. #9 UCLA vs. #16 Arizona. #18 Utah vs. #13 Oregon. #19 USC vs. Arizona State. As Keith Jackson would say, “Oh, my, it’s going to be a dandy!”


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