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Impossible Collecting Goals?

Everyone has a certain character that they enjoy a lot. Usually fans will collect items that have to do with that character. As for fans of comic book characters, they probably try to collect everything about the character, especially comic book issues. I imagine someone has attempted to own every single appearance of a certain character. There may be some, who have achieved that task or is doing it right now. This is a goal that I would like to achieve with Hawkeye and Black Panther.

I would like to collect either one of the characters’ appearances in chronological order. So far, trying to put the appearances in chronological order has been a daunting task. I have been working on Hawkeye’s appearances for now. I know that the Hawk’s first appearance is Tales of Suspense #57, which I happen to own. After that, his next two appearances are Tales of Suspense #60 and Tales of Suspense #64. Then, he becomes a part of the Avengers in Avengers #16. Okay, after Avengers #16, everything starts to become fuzzy. Not only does he appear in Tales of Suspense a few more times, he also starts racking up appearances in Avengers. He also happens to pop up in Journey Into Mystery, which is a comic that features several stories that happen around Thor.

I’ve been navigating through the Marvel Wikia pages to put the appearances in chronological order. They have been very helpful, though time-consuming. I’ve thought about messaging Marvel myself, but they probably wouldn’t have the time to help me assort the appearances together. I do know of a few significant key issues that feature Hawkeye. I named a couple above, which were his first appearance and Avengers #16. I also know about the West Coast Avengers, which is a L.A.-based Avengers squad that he led. His first solo series started in 1983 and it only went for four issues. I know about his tenure as Giant Man and the time where he became a ninja by the name of Ronin.

I have to do some more digging on Black Panther. I do know that his first appearance was in Fantastic Four #52. He also had his own solo series in the pages of Jungle Action and Black Panther. Jungle Action was in the early 70s and Black Panther was in the late 70s. That’s all that I know for the Panther as for now, but I do wish that Marvel would give him his own current series. Black Panther is such a strong character that is always under utilized. As for me, I’ll see how this ambitious comic collecting turns out.


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