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Hal Jordan Came On Strong For Carol Ferris In Showcase #22 (Part Two)


Back to proving that Hal can’t take no for an answer. Now this panel above of Hal with his arms wrapped around Carol, is on the same page as the one where Hal tested the vehicle. Now notice that Hal had became a little more bold in his flirtations, perhaps because he knew that it would be harder to persuade Carol into a date since she’s the boss now.

Now in the top panel, Hal had become forceful and the creep factor started to set in for me. Although I like how Carol fended off Hal with her sharp wit and she let Hal know that she wanted Green Lantern, not him. They were in Carol’s office during their conversation, but imagine if someone walked in on accident. It wouldn’t look good at all. 

Later at a celebrity ball, Hal was there as Green Lantern and he managed to get a kiss from Carol, but look at how he did it! With his eyes open! You’re not supposed to kiss with your eyes open. It’s weird, but Hal didn’t care. He got what he wanted, but Carol was aware of his creepiness.

Hal had a good reason for leaving his eyes open. He did have to stop a big, yellow missile from hitting the city. Carol wasn’t having it though and she shouldn’t, because someone with their eyes wide open while kissing is a weirdo. Damn you, GL.


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