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Hal Jordan Came On Strong For Carol Ferris in Showcase #22 (Part 1)

The other night, I had the urge to read Green Lantern, so I grabbed the first volume of The Green Lantern Chronicles out of my cabinet. Now before I started rereading these amazing stories, I remembered a few things, such as the power ring not being able to do shit against the color yellow and Hal Jordan was obsessed with his want to be in love with Carol Ferris. I knew that it was bad, but after examining Showcase #22 again, I was astounded in how creepy Hal Jordan was.

Now, Showcase #22 was when Hal Jordan was introduced and the Green Lantern superhero was reimagined by DC in the Silver Age. In the Golden Age, Green Lantern’s source of power was magic and Alan Scott was Green Lantern. DC changed Green Lantern by giving the hero a new outfit and giving him a new source of power via the green ring, which can illuminate whatever the ring-bearer wills in his mind. The one thing that DC decided not to change was the fact that the Green Lantern still would have a dumbass weakness. The weakness of the Golden Age Green Lantern was wood and the weakness of the Silver Age Green Lantern was yellow, like I stated above.

The issue contained three different stories and the final story is the one that I want to look at in particular. I will touch on the second story a little. The first story, which is “S.O.S Green Lantern”, showed where the dying Abin Sur gave his power ring to Hal Jordan, after the ring deemed Jordan worthy to wield it. The second story, “Secret of the Flaming Spear!”, focused on Hal using the ring in action for the first time, thwarting a few men, who were trying to sabotage and kill a test pilot. The third and last story, “Menace of the Runaway Missile”, is where Hal prevented a missile from landing on the city and exploding.

In the second story is where the romance between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris is introduced. Now their fling is quite normal.


Carol was clearly attracted to Hal and was okay with him touching her. Later, panels after this, Carol’s father revealed that he was taking Carol’s mother on a two-year trip and that Carol would be in charge of Ferris Aircraft. Carol distanced herself from Hal due to her new job, but Hal doesn’t let that stop him.


At the beginning of the third story, Hal was testing a machine, as seen above in the page. The men that watched Hal, couldn’t believe how fearless he was. Yeah, he’s definitely fearless because instead of worrying about having an accident, he was worried about getting a date. I enjoyed his face in that panel. Did he grimace because of the contraption or because he wanted  that date?

Part 2 will be coming shortly. 


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