It’s weird when you look back at your older posts. I started this blog almost three years ago in a class that I had at college. During that time, I had heard of blogging, but I had never tried it. I remember that it was hard for me to focus on a topic that I could blog about. I decided to start a blog on movies since I just chose to minor in film studies. 

Blogging about movies is fun and I still do it occasionally. When I first began posting about films, I tried my hand at writing about movies that people should see before they die. A lot of the movies were popular, such as Batman Begins and Sunset Boulevard.  Then I realized that several movie websites had done their own lists on movies that should be viewed before dying. After seeing that, I had to figure out how to change the formula. I decided to do reviews on films that were independent, but after a while, I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to watch movies. So since I didn’t have the time for that, I altered my blog topic to focus on my life writing and and my love for comics.

From what I read on how people make their blogs successful, they all focus on a topic and constantly write about it. After watching myself bounce around a lot, it feels good to settle down on a subject that I’m good at. I’m not saying that I’m through with examining movies though. I still love them and I did wrap up getting my minor in film studies. It’s just crazy to look back at what you did and what you do now.


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