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Collecting Vintage Comics

I’ve just started collecting vintage comics recently. My dad went to a pawn shop, where the owner had several back issues that he wanted to sell. It was around 12 issues total, including some Superman and some Spawn. Although these issues were of nothing significant, I told my dad to purchase them so I could expand my single-issue collection.

For the majority of my collecting career, I’ve only bought trade paperbacks of the comic book series that I have enjoyed. I usually prefer paperbacks over single issues because there are not any ads in the paperbacks. My friends who collect singles have influenced me to buy single issues that I would like to add to my collection. I have decided that I would like to purchase key issues from the 1960s-1980s if I can get it around an affordable price. 

Since my favorite superhero happens to be Hawkeye, his first appearance was the comic that I wanted next. I started hunting for the comic around late March-early April because I knew that Avengers: Age of Ultron was about to release and the value of the Hawk’s first appearance could become higher. Hawkeye’s first appearance was Tales of Suspense #57 (1964), where he appeared alongside Black Widow as villains who were trying to take out Iron Man. I couldn’t find any copies in the comic book stores in my area, though none of them had comics that are pre-1980s. I decided to use eBay and I’m glad that I did because several people had copies for sale.

I ended up purchasing a copy that was around $175. The seller had several photos of the comic that made me lean towards their copy. As I was novice at the time and still am, I was mainly looking for the copy to be old and faded. The comic was definitely both. I want to send the comic to the CGC and have it graded to see how well the condition is. I have to be very delicate while holding the comic. It’s still cool to say that you own a key issue in the Marvel universe.



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