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Its Been Awhile…

I haven’t posted on my blog for some time. I have been putting the “lazy” into my blog’s name. My last post was back in January and it disappoints me a little to say the least. It also doesn’t help that it’s hard to get the interwebs where I live, so that also creates an issue for me. But though I may be lazy or I can’t get internet, I always find my way back here, to work or to talk or to rant about something that’s going on in the world.

I think what I enjoy about blogging is that you can speak on anything and always find an audience for it. I’m not someone who constantly blogs–matter of fact, I only blog when I’m in school for the semester. But yet, I can always find people who know or like what I’m discussing, whether it’s about a crazy-ass coworker or representing my favorite team around people who think that I’m a crazy ass for doing so. I think that’s what keeps me coming back to this blog, besides the fact that you can put blogging on your resume.

I also like blogging because it gives me the opportunity to create content on the fly. I like to see what I can produce rapidly, instead of having to do a whole planning process. Planning is probably the best route to go, but I think some people like to see if they can turn shit into lemonade within a matter of a few minutes. That phrasing always fucks with me. I don’t think I would drink the lemonade, knowing that it was shit before. I think that’s what I’ve always has been good at is random humor. I’m not the poetic type. I can’t produce a sonnet that will be memorable, but I can produce a joke that will make you laugh in public and that will make you receive awkward stares. Fuck those stares. It was funny and you know it.

As a writer, it’s hard to determine what your identity is. Are you a film critic? An emotional poet? Someone who wants to encourage faith in others? Someone who has a passion for sports? I still struggle with my identity, but what I do know is, I wanna make people laugh. I guess you can say that could be my identity, but I say that it’s a partial piece to the enigma that’s my brain. How will I make people laugh? That’s the question. I do it every day around family and friends, but I want more people to see it. So, I focus on screenplays and comic books, because that’s where my heart is. That’s where my goals are. I plan to get there, no matter how battle-worn I look when it’s over. Don’t let your dreams die. Don’t give up because you failed. Now I sound like fucking Shia LaBeouf. But seriously, if you have a dream, chase it. We only get one shot to do so.


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