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The Slow Death of Turkey Day

Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) is gradually dying thanks to Black Friday. Black Friday is technically not even on Friday now. It has taken over the night of Thanksgiving (Thursday). I understand that Black Friday produces good deals for such items as TVs, but is it more important than spending time with family? To me, it’s not.

I look forward to Thanksgiving. I’m usually off from work and out of school. It’s a day for relaxation and for gaining a pound or two. A day to catch up with my family, who I don’t get to spend a lot of time with. So I treasure these little moments when I get them.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday that gets a lot of recognition anymore. I remember seeing stores that would have decorations for Thanksgiving. Promotions for food would be littered throughout different sales papers. It’s not like that anymore. After Halloween, it’s like everything switches to get ready for Christmas. I know that Christmas brings families together too, but I always thought Thanksgiving was a good stop along the road to December 25th.

I understand the hype behind Black Friday. There’s great deals and the rush of getting to items before other people. Or laughing at the expense of those willing to go to extremes just to obtain an item of interest. It’s just never been anything that I saw as fun…and I don’t want to get trampled.

I’m the type to do Cyber Monday. It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I can use the weekend to plot what I want to get. It doesn’t interfere with turkey time and it doesn’t give me the risk of having to fight someone. I’d rather be comfortable from my own home.


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