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Rocksteady Can Hide Some Eggs

I’m a huge fan of the Batman Arkham franchise. I have to say that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are my two favorite video games of all time. I’m not as hardcore as other fans, who have been searching endlessly for the Easter eggs that have been littered about between both games. Although I do believe that all of the Easter eggs for Asylum have been found, apparently City still has some hidden, because Rocksteady (developer of the games) released a video of a new one. Yes, Rocksteady showed an Easter egg…three years later after the game’s release. That lets me know that they really think these things out for long periods of time.

The Easter egg was of the villain, Calendar Man, hinting at the end of the franchise possibly. His message is very cryptic as he talks about being there at the beginning of Batman and how he will be there at Batman’s end. For those of you who don’t know, Batman: Arkham Knight is the final game of the franchise that will be released next year. Rocksteady has stated that this will be the last Arkham game that they will make. Maybe the message is not about Batman. Maybe it’s Rocksteady telling the players that they are in for one last ride.

I’m ready/not ready for the end. I don’t want the franchise to come to a close, but I do want to see what Rocksteady has in store for the conclusion. I’m excited for the inclusion of the Batmobile, though it really looks similar to the tank from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. It’s still going to be great to blow stuff up and drive on walls with it. Damn Riddler and his crazy-ass riddles.

The Arkham Knight character is interesting. I think all of us fans wants to know who that is. Rocksteady stated that’s the character is entirely fresh and new, but sometimes we have the speculation that it’s a character that we’ve met before. I hope it’s Bruce’s long-lost cousin and his name is John…haha, John Wayne. That would be a twist!

I’m just tired of waiting. I wish the game was on shelves right now, but, of course, it comes out in 2015 with other good things. Maybe there’s some Easter eggs still left to find in Arkham City that will give clues to Arkham Knight. I’m glad that Rocksteady doesn’t do scavenger hunts or else we’d be screwed.


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