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What I Learned From John Wick

John Wick is an excellent film, especially for people who appreciate the action genre. It’s a good return for Keanu Reeves, who has been struggling recently in film. This movie isn’t Reeves’ best performance as in acting, but for action scenes, he does some pretty flawless work. For a man who is at the age of fifty, he can surely kick some ass. I’m going to explore three things that I took away from the film.

First, if you ever decide to become an assassin, it’s hard to make it out of that world. Wick did, but he had to carry out some extreme work in order to do so. His former boss, Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), made Wick kill numerous targets before he let Wick enjoy the outside world. Wick finally achieved that goal in order to be with his wife, who passes away from a terminal illness. Wick stays in the free world for a while until some douchebags come a knocking.

Second, never kill a man’s best friend. Wick is given a puppy by his wife after she succumbs to her illness. The puppy is Wick’s last link to her. Wick has a pretty badass car and drives it to a gas station where he meets the douchebags. One of the douchebags happens to be the son of Viggo. Viggo’s son makes a deal on John’s car, but John doesn’t budge, which leads to Viggo’s son becoming angry. So, they decide to break into John’s house. They beat the hell out of Wick and kill his dog. They kill a poor, innocent little puppy…and they pay for it. Wick comes back into the assassin world like a bat out of hell, seemingly destroying anybody who gets in his way. He kills Viggo’s son and eventually Viggo himself, who tried to keep his son safe from Wick. The film ends with John getting a new dog.

Third, don’t ever break a code. There’s a hotel in the film that houses other assassins and the code is not to kill inside of the building. Adrianne Palicki’s character, Ms. Perkins, breaks the code and she pays dearly. She gets executed by four different guys firing rounds at the same time and it is nasty. I did enjoy Palicki’s performance though. She’s pretty badass as a villain.

This film isn’t going to win an Academy Award, but it’s a good cult classic. It has great action, great scenery, and great fluid cinematography. There are reports of making it a franchise and I think it would be enjoyable to see that. Hopefully, Reeves will be able to keep up the pace if they do decide to do more.


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