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Dirt Road Driving

I like driving on dirt roads. I live on one and it’s peaceful to observe the beauty of nature as you go through. Autumn makes it even better, with the different colors of leaves flowing through the breeze. Then…someone drives past you going entirely too fast. So fast that it’s almost dangerous. I go from being Bob Ross to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Why can’t people drive more safely?

The people that usually do it on our dirt road, don’t live on it. I understand using our road as a shortcut, but understand the rules of using our road. Yeah, we have a couple of rules.

Firstly, don’t ride someone’s bumper. We hate it through here when people do that. My dad almost got into a fight with a guy over it. There’s no need to do that. We’re not on a highway or a NASCAR speedway. We’re not bump drafting at Daytona.

The second rule is don’t speed on the road. We have had so many accidents from people doing it. There has been at least two that have crashed and landed in a ditch with some decent injuries. There were flying  at the speed of I don’t give a fuck and paid for it. One person didn’t even have their car insured. Also, the road is barely huge enough for two vehicles to pass each other. If you don’t have good reflexes to stop in time, then a collision course will ensue. This isn’t a demolition derby, though I’d like to participate in one.

So, let’s keep things safe. Let’s be Bob Ross if he was in a vehicle. Let’s enjoy nature’s beauty and let it help us escape from our busy lives. Otherwise, if you want to do NASCAR, then prepare for the anger that may ensue. We may be at your throat like Jeff Gordon was to Brad Keselowski.


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