Comedy · Rants


Is it hard to use a car blinker? Apparently in the area that I live, it is. This isn’t geometry–all you do is move the blinker lever up or down to indicate where you are going. It’s a simple task…it’s like coloring inside the lines of a coloring book picture. Okay, well, some of us who was not born with artistic talent still can’t even manage to do that, but still, it can be easy.

You may be asking yourself why am I ranting about this? Because if you have a little OCD, it can get on your nerves. The other day I got behind at least five drivers who couldn’t manage to throw a blinker. I try very hard to not be like my sibling sister, who has extreme road rage. I probably couldn’t count the amount of times that she has dropped the f-bomb.

If you’re going to slow down in front of someone, at least give an indication as to why. We all can understand if there’s a slow car in front of you–that’s clearly not your fault. But if we’re traveling on the highway going about 55 mph and all of a sudden you decide to slow down in front of us, we are going to either think there’s a wreck or someone slow in front of you. But more than likely, it’s you turning. Use the damn blinker. It’s why it’s in your vehicle. It’s to let us know to slow down or to give us a chance to move over into another lane.

I imagine the non-blinker people have some sort of excuse. “I was on my phone…or I was sipping on my coffee.” I’ve been on the phone too and I managed to throw a blinker. I can sip coffee and flick my blinker in the direction it needs to go. I sometimes wonder if people just do it on purpose…but in reality, they probably just don’t give a damn. I guess they will one day if it causes an accident. Use the damn blinker.


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