Comedy · Drama

Amelie (2001)


First, before I begin, I would like to apologize ahead of time for not being able to put in the accented “e” for Amelie. My laptop is not awesome in certain areas of function. Amelie is a French film that was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The film focuses on Amelie (Audrey Tautou), who is a quirky introvert who decides to take it upon herself to help those around her. Amelie is not only a very imaginative film with its uncanny main character and creative plot, but also in its ways of exhibiting introversion.

Amelie is a young woman, who loves to do various, fun acts in her spare time. She is an only child, whose mother passed away from a brutal accident when she was a child. Her father is still alive, but is very withdrawn from her and the world. Amelie decides that she is going to help the people amongst her, but through hidden means, as she is shy from being suppressed in her youth by her father. Along the way of helping people, she meets the love of her life, who is into odd hobbies himself. The good deeds make Amelie feel warm inside, but they are also causing her to neglect what she wants in her life. She really loves Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz), but it is hard for her to express her feelings. She misses several opportunities through various games of cat and mouse. Luckily for her, the opportunity arises one last time and she takes advantage.

Amelie is a character whose head is always in the clouds and whose is always looking for interesting things to do. Now, some of the parts in the above paragraph seem dark in nature, but when presented in the film, they happen to be quite humorous. Amelie really enjoys to skip rocks across water…and occasionally listen to see how many couples are having orgasms within the city. How many people do you know do that? I think her character reflects that we all have imaginative ways of having fun when we are bored. She also daydreams of scenarios she wishes would happen. I think it examples the minds of introverted people. Some introverts may daydream of accomplishing certain goals, but in reality, they may not ever complete the task.

The plot creates the beautiful world that is Amelie’s and shows her attempt to achieve that happiness she really wants. It is a slow build, from watching her childhood to her growth as an adult bartender. A slow build that is filled with humorous, random moments that catch the viewer off guard. Jeunet fires these rapidly at us creating laughter, but when the plot becomes serious, he knows to change the tune. Jeunet builds the scenes of Amelie struggling to confront Nino with enough dramatic tension that you will be screaming in your head at Amelie to speak. It also reflects some people’s struggle to express their love for someone. Sometimes the butterflies in our stomach weigh us down and it is hard to release them.

This movie is too good to pass up. I think Amelie is a character that is hard to forget. She is someone you grow to care for while watching the movie. It is good to see her achieve her full happiness. Definitely a film to see before you die.




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