Rosemary’s Baby Is Crazy


Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is crazy. It’s a great horror film directed by Roman Polanski where there’s no blood or gore used to frighten the viewer. It’s just straight-up weirdness that gives the horror in this film. The plot focuses on a married couple, Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and Guy (John Cassavetes), who move into a New York City apartment. Guy is a struggling actor while Rosemary pretty much stays home and takes care of the place. Rosemary meets a girl named Terry, (Victoria Vetri), who is a former drug addict that shares an apartment with an elderly couple, Roman and Minnie Castevet (Sidney Blackmer and Ruth Gordon). A few nights later, Rosemary and Guy are coming home from a date when they see the police outside of their apartment complex. The police are surrounding a woman’s dead body, who we later discover is Terry, who plunged to her death. Her mysterious death frightens Rosemary, who just befriended the woman a few days ago. The Castevets happen to walk upon the crime scene while Rosemary and Guy are there. They get acquainted with the younger couple and ask them over for dinner sometime. Rosemary is eerily aware of her neighbors. Roman gets close with Guy and takes him out of the room occasionally to talk to him about something in private. After their night with the Castevets, Guy’s luck gets better as he lands a role in a new play thanks to his competition oddly going blind. Then all of a sudden, Guy decides he wants to have a baby with Rosemary. On the night that Rosemary and Guy decide to have baby-making time, Minnie brings the couple some chocolate mousse to eat. At first, Rosemary doesn’t like it due to a funny taste and doesn’t want to finish it. Guy insists to Rosemary to eat some more. Rosemary does and starts to feel very odd afterwards. She decides to go to sleep and after she falls asleep, she has a horrible nightmare. In her nightmare, she’s involved in an odd, odd, odd, ritual. Did I mention how odd it was? Guy, the Castevets, and several other apartment dwellers are there butt-naked witnessing the odd ritual. So many old people naked…not cool. Towards the end of the nightmare, a dark, furry creature gets on top of Rosemary and rapes her. Rosemary awakens the next morning with claw marks. She wonders if she was dreaming or if it was reality. Rosemary gets pregnant by Guy. She’s happy about it, but Guy oddly acts like he’s happy. During the duration of Rosemary’s pregnancy, Rosemary increasingly grows more paranoid of her neighbors as they start to keep a constant check on her and her baby. Rosemary’s friend, Hutch (Maurice Evans), convinces her that there’s something wrong with her neighbors. After research, Rosemary discovers that the Castevets and the neighbors are witches. Rosemary tries to tell a doctor the problems that she’s dealing with, but sadly, the doctor is in cahoots with the witches. After Rosemary is sent home, she starts going into labor and she wants to get away, but the group of witches sedate her and knock her out cold. Rosemary awakens and discovers that she gave birth to her child. She wants to see her child, but the neighbors hold her back. She later enters a room that is full of the witches, the Castevets, and Guy. She sees her child in a black stroller and she becomes highly frightened at the sight of her child.  She wants to know what is wrong with her child. The Castevets explain to her that the father of her child is Satan. Guy gives truth to this statement by telling Rosemary that he made a pact with the coven in exchange for a successful acting career. Rosemary spits in Guy’s face and sits down distraught. Roman tells her that she needs to accept her role as a mother and her maternal instincts kick in as she accepts the baby as her own.

This movie has so many disturbing scenes. I mean, the rape scene is of course terrible and hard to watch, but one scene rocked me to the core. It’s the scene where Hope Summers as Mrs. Gilmore yells, “Hail, Satan! Hail, Satan!”.  Now you may ask me, “Why did that rock you the most?”. I grew up watching Andy Griffith. Hope Summers went from playing such a polite character on Andy Griffith to playing a Satan-loving elderly woman. I’m just like…you’re evil now. This movie also makes me want to be more careful in my decision-making. Note to self: always remember to do research before making a decision on a place to live. Either way, Rosemary’s Baby is a great horror film that doesn’t need a gore-fest to shock the viewer to his/her core.


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