The Upcoming “I, Frankenstein” Movie


There are several movies that are out now and upcoming that I would like to go see. The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle are great, Oscar-worthy films that are now showing that I want to see, but for some kind of reason I want to go see I, Frankenstein as well. I mean, it doesn’t at all look as if that it has any Oscar potential, but it does look like a good, cheesy, popcorn movie to go see. And if anyone has read this blog by now, it’s pretty clear to the eye that I enjoy cheesy movies. Through research, I have discovered that this film is based on the graphic novel written by Kevin Grevioux. Apparently, in this movie, Frankenstein’s monster becomes involved in an all-out battle with two clans: one clan is of demons and the other is of gargoyles. I don’t know much about gargoyles except that there used to be a cartoon show that focused on them and that Batman likes to crouch on them while he’s patrolling Gotham City. Aaron Eckhart is really the only recognized actor in this film as he will be playing the role of the monster. I am a fan of Eckhart’s, especially after his great portrayal of Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. I’ve seen some of the battles thanks to t.v. spots and trailers. It’s all CGI, but who doesn’t like to seen an epic battle of epic proportions? Well, let’s hope that it’s epic and not an extreme letdown. Either it’s cheesy good or it’s cheesy bad. Either we’ll be glad that we saw it or we’ll be extremely disappointed that we watched this instead of watching Leo and the gang crank out over 500 f-bombs in another classic Scorsese picture.


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