Appreciating Cheesy Movies: You’re Next (2013)


I just recently watched this horror film though I wouldn’t classify this as horror…to me, it was more like an R-rated action film. It has familiar horror elements such as gruesome kills, suspense, and a plot twist on who’s behind it all, but to me, none of these are the real surprise. In fact, I never jumped or I never was scared at all while watching the film. The surprise that was enjoyable to me was the female protagonist Erin (played by Sharni Vinson). Erin at the beginning of the film is a sweetheart, but when all hell breaks loose, she becomes a badass that will do whatever it takes to survive.


The plot of the film focuses on a married couple’s fiftieth wedding anniversary that goes terribly wrong. The married couple and some of their children are brutally murdered by assailants that are dressed in dark clothing and animal masks. Later in the film, it is revealed that the assailants are actually working for two of the married couple’s sons. The sons’ plan is to kill the rest of their family and to inherit their family inheritance for themselves and their girlfriends, but they don’t realize that Crispian’s girlfriend, Erin, is on to them.


Erin’s badass survival traits did take the horror away for me, but it also made the movie very enjoyable to watch. Erin is very smart, very tactical, and very voracious as she dismantles all of the baddies with different creative ways. She even dismantles one with a blender…yeah, I said a blender. It was goofy, but quite exhilarating to see a different way to take out a villain. Erin doesn’t reveal much on how well she can survive, except for telling that her parents and her lived in a survival camp for years. I sometimes wonder if there’s more to her character that the writers possibly left out because when she starts killing the vile brothers and their associates… she gets pretty vicious.

The ending to this film is not great, but this film to me, is still a great cheesy movie to enjoy. There’s nothing like watching a woman kick a whole lot of ass and Sharni Vinson does one hell of a job as Erin. Plus, it’s always cool to watch the predators become the prey. I think the folks at Marvel or DC should watch this and maybe offer Vinson a role as a heroine or as a villain. She’d be a good Zatanna or Elektra.

Photos are from http://www.insidemovies.ew.com and http://www.the-numbers.com


One thought on “Appreciating Cheesy Movies: You’re Next (2013)

  1. Good review. This reminded me exactly why movies like these work, when done exactly right. Especially when all of the blood, violence and gore come into play.

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