Entry #1- The Thing (1982)


John Carpenter’s The Thing was released in 1982. Though it was not a commercial success, The Thing has a cult following of fans and by some is considered a horror classic. The Thing takes place on an American Antarctic research center where an alien life form is hiding. The alien life form has the ability to take over humans and imitate their actions. The team at the research center discover the alien’s ability and mass paranoia begins to set in. The team members are all against each other on this lonely, cold land that they are on. The only thing that the members know is that fire is the alien’s weakness and that one of the members is the alien.

I recommend this movie because John Carpenter displays fear and paranoia well in this film. The alien is driving the team nuts and they know if something is not done, they will all die. Now if your squeamish or don’t like rated-R films, then I wouldn’t recommend watching The Thing. The Thing is gory and bloody, but the alien transforming is scary and hightens the suspense of the movie. Plus, the characters’ reaction to seeing the morphing is truly unsettling and will make you wish they could get out of the area. Now if your a fan of gross-looking aliens, this film is just for you. I will leave you readers with a picture of the alien transforming again after being human. I would have posted a clip, but all clips have a huge amount of blood and gore. Warning: image may give nightmares.

the thing


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