Tales of Tomorrow

Tales of Tomorrow was a science fiction series that ran on ABC from 1951-1953. I came across the show as I was looking for episodes of the original Outer Limits on YouTube. I decided to watch the series since there wasn’t many Outer Limits episodes online. I enjoyed the pilot episode enough that I may try to blog about the show. So stay tuned.


PS4 Pro Glacier White

The PS4 Pro Glacier White console has released in GameStop stores nationwide. The console hit stores last Friday. It comes with a terabyte of storage along with the ability to run on 4K television screens. The design is sleek and clean. It runs for $400. Luckily, I have enough items to trade in to get the new console.

Photo courtesy of Sony.

Black Lightning Debuts Next Week!

I can’t wait for this show to debut. I’m sadly behind on the other CW superhero shows. It’s good to see a Black American superhero have his own show. I also like that the cast is an all-black superhero family. I hope that the show succeeds in every way possible.

Photo courtesy of the CW.

Second Letter From Steve Ditko

So, this is the second letter that I received from legendary artist Steve Ditko. I took a picture of it to prove that I’ve actually been talking to the famous artist/recluse. I asked him about his days with Charlton Comics and if he preferred working with small publishers over big publishers. Ditko was blunt in his response as he liked being a freelancer. He also doesn’t dwell on what he has done in the past. I enjoyed what he wrote about what people try to do with their lives. Making the best possible life out of a flawed world.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Lash (myself).

Red Dead Redemption: Sharpshooter Challenge

Red Dead Redemption features many challenges that players can do to help John Marston become a legend of the West. My favorite challenge so far is the sharpshooter challenge. So far, I’ve made it through 6 ranks. The challenges have been easy so far.

Challenge 6 was quite intimidating as I had to shoot the hats off of 2 people. I was able to do this by completing a story mission. It would be best for players to try this on bad guys so players won’t lose any of their honor. Rank 7 isn’t that difficult it looks like it as it to shoot and kill 3 bears in the head. Rank 8 and Rank 10 seem hard because players seem hard as players have to disarm bad guys by shooting their guns. I may have a challenge with that. As for Rank 9, that seems easy to take out 6 wild animals before reloading.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer and his show has been on for years. It’s still as outrageous as ever. I will admit that the show is absolute trash. However, I enjoy watching the absurd behavior. Seeing people fight each other over dumb stuff in their lives is hilarious.

I would like to attend one of his shows. It seems that most of his audience is college students. I fit in this demographic. I would like a chance to grill the guests like the audience gets to do. That would be fun.